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Our guards who are intelligent and well-trained also recognize potential hazards and security risks, allowing you to deal with them before they can be exploited. Our good guards reports anything wrong with the property and can fix a lot of simple problems himself while on duty.


Small businesses have to deal with the reality that thefts and other crimes can occur on business premises. Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks and retail stores, may be more of a target for criminals and petty thieves than other types, but a wide variety of businesses choose to hire security guards.


When it comes to show and event security, here at Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd., we take great pride in offering only the best. With experienced Security Industry, fully trained in handling all your event security needs, you can trust the professionals in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and securely.


Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd. is highly acclaimed in offering a premium quality collection of Personal Security Guard Service to our clients. Our experts offered the whole array of this service using the attractive technique. It is available in various options and can also be customized according to demands of our clients.

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(Providers Of End-to-End Intelligence & Security Coverage You Can Rely On Us!)

Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd., has been in the security industry since sometime and has emerged as a leader and pace-setter. From its inception in 2013, Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd. has grown rapidly and is operational in every major city in India. Our Security personnel are being deployed all over the country. We established our company because we were not thrilled with the quality of security services that were available for hire on the market. We decided to offer a better service by drawing on our experience in the various private security organizations and our networking with the retired officers of the defence and local police specialists. It is therefore, our personal mission to ensure that we hire exceptionally qualified security personal, employ only seasoned supervisory staff and focus on clients that have reasons to be concerned about their vital interests...

Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic and versatile security company that has revolutionized the Security Guard Services industry by applying strategies, techniques, and tactics that are responsive, effective and highly efficient. We strive to develop our guards, operations, and management to be sensitive to our customers. Our customer focused approach has allowed us to truly understand the diversities and intricacies of their needs.

Today we cater to over 1500 customers. Our diverse and venerable clientele encompass local, international and multinational organizations and concerns, medium to large corporate institutions, factories and foreign residents. At Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd., we provide complete security solutions. Our services include providing security guards, supervisors, body guards, cash carrying, gunmen, ushers, bouncers, female security personnel, embassy security, traffic control, dog squad, sea vessel guarding, vaulting, ATM management, background checks / security checks, death claims/medical claims to just to name a few.

Today’s security treats require serious responses by professional to ensure that your facility does not present itself as a weak-link and a target of opportunity. Beyond guarding precious human life and valuable property, we provide a SENSE of SECURITY, a priceless and often elusive commodity. We trust that you understand, and appreciate the service and PEACE OF MIND that comes when Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd. is on the job.

Having been involved in supplying quality security guarding services, we understand and are used to solve all aspects of clients security guarding needs. The employees and management of Shree Vinayak Security Force Pvt. Ltd. remain deeply committed to the principles on which the company was founded viz integrity, reliability and professionalism.

The foundation of our services is our fast growing goodwill and reputation which we have earned by satisfying our clients through our highly dedicated, well organized management and trained guards. A number of professional Retired Armed Forces Service Personnel are the core asset of our service who are working and monitoring our services round the clock for smooth functioning of our organization. Our services are spread all over the Country with the support of highly trained and motivated guards. We also select supervisors are from the panel of retired Armed Forces.

We provide Secutiry Guards for Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, Offices, Corporates, Banks, Hotels, Construction Sites. We also provide Bouncers, VIP Security Guards Services, Dog Squad Services, Campus Security Guards. We have presence in Mumbai & all over Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh & many other states across India

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